2.7 (in development)
  • Fixed issue with Login server
  • iPhone 5 support
2.6 (current version)
  • Fixed issue with Guild Roster
  • Fixed issue with AoC server names
  • Fixed the crash issue on the guild tab
  • Fixed the login protocol following AoC patch 3.1
  • Fixed an issue that broke connections to the AoC servers in iOS5
  • Support for Socks5 proxies, to get around connection issues over cellular data networks
  • Fixed an issue that caused guilded characters to crash upon login
  • Added guild roster as an in-app purchase
  • Fixed a bug which caused crashes on slow networks
  • Added support for multiple accounts

1.0 - 1.5
  • Fixed broken login after AoC 2.7
  • Added support for F2P accounts (showing locked characters in red)
  • Added support for chatting in landscape
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when sending Unicode characters
  • Show rank cand class in character selector and friends list
  • Added a space under the chat field to prevent misclicks
  • Added a channel filter
  • Added option to autologin after waiting for a character to log out
  • Securely store passwords in the Keychain
  • Added a channel filter
  • Improved memory handling
  • Improved Friends list, allow collapsing of lists
  • Initial release

Conan To Go for iPhone


... to the Age of Conan chat client for the iPhone! This project was inspired by other chat clients and guild bots for Age of Conan, and my need to find a good subject for my first iPhone app. The chat client is available from the App Store, free of charge.

Conan To Go is a chat client for the popular Age of Conan MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online game), operated by Funcom. With Conan To Go, you can connect to the game using your own Age of Conan account, log in as any one of your characters, and chat with other players on the /global, /lfg, /gu and /trial channels.

Conan To Go works with Free to Play accounts, though restrictions apply: you can only use your unlocked characters, and not all chat channels may be available to you.

Please note that you need an active Age of Conan account to be able to use this app.

Getting started

To get started, enter your account details in the Settings screen. Tap the Add New Account button, and supply your Age of Conan username and password (you can leave the password blank if you prefer to be prompted for it every time you log on). Then select your region.

After setting up, switch to the Chat screen and press Connect. You will be logged in and a list of your characters will appear. Select the one you wish to use.

If you are using a Free to Play account, any locked out characters will appear in red. You will not be able to chat using these characters.

Chat Options

In the Settings screen you can change the following chat options:
  • Font Size: Adjust the size of the text in the chat window
  • Tap to Reply: Sending Tells to players by tapping their name can be disabled with this switch
  • Auto Connect: Log on automatically when Conan To Go starts
  • Chat History: Set the number of lines to retain in the Chat window

  • Chatting

    Chatting is very similar to chatting in the Age of Conan game. Type a line and tap Send to talk on the current channel. You can change channels by clicking the blue button indicating the current channel, or by typing a slash followed by the channel name and the text you wish to send, e.g. /gu Hello guildies!.

    You can send a Tell to an individual player by clicking their name in the Chat window or Friends window, or by typing /t followed by their name and your message. You can reply to Tells by typing /r followed by your message.

    TIP: Start a line with a space to obtain a slash (/) for easy channel switching.

    Questions, Suggestions?

    Let me know!

    KNOWN ISSUES: (current version)

    • The login server for Europe has changed (possible for the US as well. To work around this, open the file localconfig.xml, and note the value for UniverseAddr. Go to ConanToGo, select Custom Region, and fill in the values for address and port number in ConanToGo. For Europe: , port 7000
    • Logging in may fail on cellular connections (GPRS/3G). This appears to be fixed on AoC Chat servers as of 11 Aug 2011

      If you still have connection issues on a cellular network (but not WiFi), try connecting via a SOCKS5 proxy (configurable in the settings).


    Q: Is it safe to use Conan To Go on a WiFi or Mobile network?

    A: It is as safe as playing Age of Conan on Wifi. Conan To Go connects to the game servers in exactly the same way the game client connects, and your password is encrypted before it is transmitted to Funcom's servers. On your iPhone, the password is stored encrypted and securely on Apple's built-in Key Chain. Conan To Go does not store your password anywhere else.

    Q: What is the "Guild" tab and why should I buy it?

    A: The Guild tab (available from v2.0) shows your guild roster, and displays who is online and offline.
    It might seem odd to charge for this feature, but since I consider Conan To Go to be a learning project, this was a good excuse to try my hand at coding in-app purchases. The app itself will remain free, but if you like to have your guild roster or just like the app in general, consider this a small donation :)

    Q: Conan To Go does not actually log me on to the game. How will I appear to my friends who are logged in?

    A: When you use Conan To Go, your character will not actually appear in the game world, and you will not be announced or shown as online to your guild. However, people who have you on their Friends list will see you online, and if your guild uses the BeBot guild bot, it will detect you logging on and announce you in the /guild channel.

    Q: When I try to connect to Age of Conan via a cellular data network, the connection (almost) always fails. What gives?

    A: Depending on how your mobile phone operator has set up their network, you may or may not have this problem. Some mobile phone providers will issue your phone a new IP address whenever it sets up a new connection. Since the chat client sets up several connections during the login process, and the Age of Conan servers insist that all connections issue from the same IP address, the connection will fail in that case.
    One possible solution is to connect via a proxy, which will present its unchanging IP address to the Age of Conan servers instead of your phone's volatile address. Version 2.1 of Conan to Go will have an option to use a SOCKS5 proxy to connect.
    UPDATE: It appears that Funcom addressed this issue on their end, and connections over cellular networks should work again as of Aug 11 2011. Version 2.1 will release with the proxy functionality anyway, just in case...