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Questions, problems?  Please leave a comment below or send us an email.  If you have ideas on how to impove this app, we’d love to hear from you!

Upgrading HomeWave

New versions of HomeWave will regularly add new features to the various device controls, or fix issues with these controls.  When you upgrade your installation of HomeWave, it may be necessary to re-link these controls to their respective devices, in order to take advantage of bug fixes or new features.  This will be indicated in the change log with a # if this is the case.

To re-link a control:

  • Go into edit mode on the control screen
  • Select the control to re-link
  • Click the link button
  • Select the correct Vera device

Planned Changes

  • Controlling the iPhones music player from the AV control in HomeWave
  • Wider sliding Home screen on iPads
  • Location-based triggers
  • Support for arbitrary plugins (device wizard).
  • Option to dim / turn off the screen after a period of inactivity
  • Allow selecting multiple grid cells of different sizes, as long as the selected area is rectangular
  • Positive Indication of failed/succesful scene execution
  • File dialog functionality (deleting files, etc) / Revamp of the file dialog.
  • PIN management for locks.

Unsupported Devices (support for these is planned)

  • Door locks (pin code management is unsupported, but opening/closing works)

Known Issues

  • The Reset Control Grid function does not work
  • When adding controls to the Today widget on an iPad, the list of devices matching the cosen control type never appears.  To fix: tap Refresh.
  • Activating a scene that causes a Push message to be sent to HomeWave may cause the app to disconnect and re-send the scene command, causing a loop.
  • Multi Value display / Linear sensors do not recognize CO/CO2 levels, pressure as quantities
  • Setting Normal / Eco mode doesn’t work on the Smart Virtual Thermostat (though the control accurately reflects the thermostat’s mode).
  • Deleting a screen button from the home screen sometimes leaves the associated control screen in place, visible when swiping through screens.  Workaround: close and kill HomeWave, then restart.
  • Setting the Background Image Transparency to zero on Home or Control screens will render the buttons on that screen inoperable.

Fixed Issues

  • Dropbox files are never overwritten even when answering Yes to the overwrite dialog
  • When specifying the allowable temperature range on thermostat controls, the temperatures have to be entered in Celsius even if the app is set to Fahrenheit.  Fixed in 1.98
  • Controls with an “active background” do not show transmission errors.  Fixed in 1.75
  • The Multi Value control sometimes shows % as unit instead of nothing.  Fixed in v1.75
  • Status bar shown over the HomeWave button bar at the top of the screen (iOS7)
  • Linking a DropBox account is not possible (but already linked installations of HomeWave can still load/save) (v1.55)
  • The “Ask” and “PIN” options do not work correctly in the Alarm Panel control. Fixed in v1.60
  • Version 1.30 does not work on iOS4.3. A fix will be released soon (look for version 1.31 and up)
  • After adding a Dimmer control and changing it to a Slider, the control square cannot be selected (and the slider is active even in edit mode). Workaround: save the screen and go into edit mode again. Fixed in 1.42
  • Slider dimmers sometimes do not transmit the last value and/or the last value gets overridden by a different intermediate value, causing the slider to jump back. Fixed in 1.42
  • Swiping between screens on iPads doesn’t work correctly in landscape. Fixed in 1.42
  • Camera images on the control screen do not update properly after closing the full screen camera view. Fixed in 1.42
  • The color management screen (adding / changing colors) does not work correctly on the iPad when in Landscape mode. Workaround: rotate to porttrait when working on colors. Fixed in 1.42
  • After upgrading, on/off switches may stop working: they appear to work but the light doesn’t actually switch on or off. To fix: re-link the control to its z-wave device. Fixed in 1.42
  • When opening and closing a full screen camera view, the screen layout can become jumbled on iPads lying flat on their back. To fix: rotate the iPad back and forth 90 degrees. Fixed in 1.42
  • Disconnected Vera can cause the Mios service to be flooded with requests. Fixed in 1.43
  • Closing Camera screens by swiping down can cause a crash. Fixed in 1.43
  • Added option to remove power consumption indicator from thermostats if one is displayed. Fixed in 1.43
  • Specifying an override URL for MiOS doesn’t always work. Fixed in 1.50
  • Transparency sliders do not work properly on iOS 4.3 / 4.x. Fixed in 1.50


Changes on the back burner (these will not be implemented soon)

  • Remote configuration management
  • Option to lock the complete app based on the state of a Vera Switch (for example: caretakers can only access the app when the house is in “Away” state, for your privacy)
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  1. Ram s yadav says:

    Hi Dear,

    I am using Zhome application on my ipad, everything is working properly but on climate page the temperature both low and high is not correct . It is showing 80 degree low and 99 degree centigrade high . Please give me quick revert


    • admin says:

      You can change the unit in the settings menu (General tab->Units). That will allow you to change to Fahrenheit

  2. Kenneth says:

    Pls add control Logitech Harmony Hub. Absolutely love the app! With a recently released plug-in for Logitech Harmony Hub for Vera/Mios, it would be good to see a control available for Homewave

  3. Albert says:

    In your version history you claim that you support the iphone detector’s mute and unmute feature in your app. This is the main reason I bought this app and still I can’t figure it out how to enable or disable that mute and unmute feature.
    Could you please give me some hints about it?


    • admin says:

      Add a regular on/off switch and link it to the iPhone detector; it’ll show up in the list of devices. You can then mute / unmute the detector using the switch.

  4. Pepsi says:


    I’m trying to have a button send a pronto code from my USB-UIRT using the Vera Service action with lu_action:

    DeviceNum=17940&serviceId=urn:upnp-org:serviceId:IrTransmitter1&action=SendProntoCode&ProntoCode=0000 0067 0000 000D 0060 0019 0030 0019 0018 0019 0030 0019 0018 0019 0018 0019 0030 0019 0018 0019 0030 0019 0018 0019 0018 0019 0018 0019 0018 040C

    Doesn’t seem to function. I’ve tried with and without spaces in the code.

    Does anyone know how to get this to work?

    I have tested with a simple light and it does work:

    • admin says:

      This is due to a bug in HomeWave where the spaces in your command aren’t translated to something valid for use in URLs. This will be fixed in the next version. For now, replace all spaces in your string with %20 and it should work.

      • Pepsi says:

        Hey thanks for the reply, I tried your suggestion.

        My IR transmitter doesn’t even flash as it does if I were sending commands through scenes.


  5. Albert says:

    The version history says that it supports the iphone locator mute and unmute feature. I can’t find that option to activate.

    • admin says:

      Add a regular on/off switch and link it to the iPhone detector; it’ll show up in the list of devices. You can then mute / unmute the detector using the switch

  6. User says:

    the app crashes when trying to link a thermostat set point to a Nest (Vera works with nest) device. This is when using the latest Vera 3 firmware (Build: 1.7.569 (VeraLite & Vera3))

    • admin says:

      This is a known issue due to a change in the way thermostats are reported. This is fixed in the next version. There’s still a lot of work to be done to finish this version but the release may be brought forward to address this crash, so stay tuned!

  7. Rick Coates says:

    I have been using HomeWave for a long time now and to me it is the best controller available for Vera. I have tried every app I could and nothing comes close. With that said is the possibility of an Apple Watch App being considered? It would be great to be able to control devices without having to have my iPhone or tablet directly with me in the house. It my understanding that as long as they are on the same network as the watch they will be able to interface even if say the phone is in the bedroom and I am in the family room with the watch.

  8. gerhard says:

    please ignore – just takes a while for the set point to update …

  9. gerhard says:

    HRT4-ZW, UI7, Vera Lite

    Changing the temperature works, but the new set point is not displayed. The app shows the setpoint as it was when I installed Homewave.

  10. RM says:

    The app was working flawlessly until today when in keeps crashing. It will stay open for a couple of seconds then shut down. I’ve tried it on multiple devices with the same result.


    • admin says:

      Can you try deleting the app and reinstalling, and see if the crash still occurs? If not, please send me your config file so I can examine it.

  11. Jeff says:

    Noticed that since the first of the year the dimmer slides are often unresponsive. I went to the Mios webpage and the iPhone generic vera app and the dimmers adjusted quickly and correctly.

    There may be a problem in the newer version with dimmer switches.

    I have a veralite and use leviton and evolve dimmer switches.


  12. Carlos says:

    I Update to Homewave 1.98 and now in all my window covering buttons, the stop doesn’t work. I can up and down the curtains but I can’t stop them.

  13. jowenteo says:

    i just upgrade my vera to ui7. am i get assistance on how to configure homewave for ui7

    • admin says:

      Apologies for the late reply. If you upgrade your Vera from UI5 to UI7, all you have to do in HomeWave is:
      1) In HomeWave, open Settings->Vera, and replace the MiOS credentials with the username / password for
      2) On the same settings page, turn off the “UI5 Firmware” switch for your Vera.

      This will re-establish remote connectivity. Everything else will work as before.

  14. John says:

    Hey. I have yale zwave deadbolt. Home wave recogized. Everything seems fine. But transmission fails(blue dot turns red) thus lock not responding. Vera itself is not connecting remotlely. Tried resetting etc. help please. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Have you tried controlling it from the Vera interface directly as well? If there is a transmission error, your lock may be too far away from Vera, and because of the secure Z-Wave communication with locks, most Z-Wave equipment will not be able to relay this traffic to the lock.

  15. John says:

    Is there a known memory leakage/cache bug in v 1.93 ?
    I ve been running 1.93 for 3 days and my ipad reports that home wave is using 15gb of storage memory. I think this occurred when updating to iOS 8.02

    • admin says:

      One other person has reported this issue, but for a different version of iOS. It was solved by saving the configuration of HomeWave to Dropbox, then deleting and reinstalling the app. Make sure to save the config to Dropbox or it will be deleted along with the app, and also check the size of the config file.

  16. Jim says:

    For a vera3 system. Is there an ability to show weather underground? I’d like to show 3 day forecast and click a button for radar.

    Is that possible? Also what do you have for home energy meter?

    • admin says:

      Support for Weather underground or home energy meters is very basic at this time. You can use a “Multi value” control to display up to 3 arbitrary properties from any devices (including energy meters and the Wunderground plugin), as long as those properties are being reported by Vera.

  17. melvin bradley says:

    just loaded home wave app on my iphone and my ipad. love the app. works perfect on wifi. will not work away from home (no wifi). I am using a vera3 controller running firmware 1.7318. running ios 7. I do have my mios id and password entered in homewave. What am I doing wrong? Also, home wave does not show up on my list of apps in settings on my iphone nor ipad

    • admin says:

      The app’s settigns have been moved from the “Settings” app of the iPhone to inside the app itself. On the home screen, click the “i” button to access them.

      A few things to check for remote access (in Settings->Vera):
      1) Is the Device ID of your Vera filled in correctly?
      2) If you use Firmware 1.7, make sure that the “UI5” switch is Off

  18. Slajgaj says:

    Hi Support
    I readed the “Planned changes”
    Very good ideas!
    What is the time this feauture/upgrade soon?

  19. Lajos Toth says:

    Hi Admin!
    How can i make on dashboard widgets “outline border”?

  20. Dick Wismeijer says:

    Would there be a possibility to display the “Total Precipitation” of the Virtual Rain Sensor. I’m using this app to display irrigation override in case total precipitation exceeds threshold.

    • admin says:

      Yes! You can use the Multi Value Display control, link it to your rain sensor, and select the value(s) you want to display.

  21. Hi,
    We need to customize your iphone app to work with our home automation solution. We wanted to partner with you on the same. Kindly contact us.

    Please do add a “contact us” to your website so we can enquiry on your product.

    Thank you


  22. Dan Ray says:

    I am finding this app very confusing. I currently use TrickTV and it has all of my devices and scenes that appeared automatically when I got it. I thought your app was supposed to be better but it doesn’t bring up anything. It does show it is connected to Vera but nothing else happens.

    • admin says:

      Unlike other apps, HomeWave requires you to manually add all of your devices and scenes to the interface. This is more work but does allow you to lay out the interface exactly the way you want.

  23. Thomas Williamson says:

    I just purchased your app for my iPad to run my Vera 3 Z-wave system. I have carefully followed your direction on your home page under “getting started” but can not get it to work. It recognizes my Vera system on my WiFi and has the correct IP Address but no luck getting to my devices. I need some help. Is there a phone number for tech support that I can call?
    Thanks for your help.

    • admin says:

      Hi Thomas, apologies for the late reply, this is due to holidays.
      Please note that with this app, your devices will not appear automatically, but have to be added manually. Have you tried going into edit mode and used the + button, selected a device type (on/off, dimmer etc), and selected the corresponding device on your Vera? At what point in this procedure are you having issues?

  24. Byron says:

    I have recently noticed an on/off button at the bottom left of the full view screen for viewing a camera. I can’t see that it does anything whether on or off. What is its function?

    • admin says:

      In the Vera UI, you have the option to associate lights with a camera, and when you view the camera image Vera will turn those lights on. The switch in the camera view is to turn those lights on or off manually. Note that a new property in the camera control lets you set the default behaviour; in previous versions the default was to turn the lights on.

  25. Drafted says:

    Does this app support RGBW module? Can i change colour by pick of pallete?
    I buy this app – if HW have this feature.

    • admin says:

      HomeWave does not yet have support for the RGBW module. It will appear as 4 dimmers, but you are not able to use the Palette control to pick colors. This is planned for an upcoming version.

      • Arnold says:

        Hopefully quickly 🙂 I use the module a lot (also in combination with led strips) and desperately looking for providing a wife friendly solution… Love your app, please help…

  26. Michel Hamelin says:

    I love this App,can you add support for “Sq blaster+” plugin.
    I have a vera 3

    • admin says:

      I am planning to add some support for Audio / Video device control, including those controlled via the SQ Blaster.

  27. John says:

    Any chance on the security setup you could have option for buttons instead of rose style buttons? Then you could check box which buttons you want to show. Most systems only need something like Arm Away, Arm Stay, Disarm.

  28. John says:

    Have Vera 3, Honeywell Z wave stats, Cooper Z wave switches

    When you choose cool or heat it shows the desired temp but you would think after a moment it would switch to actual temp. It does not seem to show actual temp unless you go to Auto mode. Also in Auto mode you cant adjust temps up or down, maybe by design but thought I would ask.

    Cant seem to get connected remotely.
    Is Vera 3 remote connections as buggy as it seems???

    • admin says:

      Remote connection is now working for Vera’s on the new UI6 firmware. If you enter your username and password in the settings, it should connect remotely.

      The thermostat setting never shows the actual temp, when set to Auto it should show either the cooling or heating setpoint depending on whether your thermostat is cooling or heating the house, and if the thermostat correctly reports that mode to Vera. If it doesn’t, then you’ll have to use separate controls for the two setpoints. To see the actual temperature, add a “sensor measurement” control and link it to the thermostat.

  29. Hans Schuffelen says:

    Hi Homewave,
    I used this app for Vera, and I have switched to Fibaro but still using Vera but now as slave controller. Is there any future development on your side to integrate the Fibaro into the Homewave aswell. because that would be very nice, instead of a 2nd Vera a Fibaro as 2nd unit. Although Fibaro has nice Iphone and Ipad apps you cannot freely configure the interface and that is what i always liked from the Homewave app. And on the Fibaro forum I noticed the demand for free to configure interface is high.

    • admin says:

      The app is being changed to cope with different types of controllers. For now it only supports Vera UI5 and UI6, but in the future there may be support for other units, with Fibaro probably being the first one to be added. It’ll be a while before work on this feature will start, though

  30. Karen says:

    Can you activate the audio for the security cameras with this app?

    • admin says:

      Audio is not supported, as all camera data goes through Vera. However an upcoming version will support direct connection to the camera (when on local WiFi), and that can include audio.

  31. Inmar says:

    I am trying to define push notifications on my Iphone for the HomeWave Push Plugin on the micasaverde.
    It’s not working and I am getting “No valid push ID” error.
    I define in the Iphone the PushID 41 and the same in the micasa app.
    What can I do ?


    • admin says:

      A Push ID should be at least 20 characters. The reason is that Push IDs are not tied to any user account, and such a length will reduce the likelihood of picking an ID that another person has already chosen.

  32. Donato says:


    I can display with Homewave the power usage, some historic value, the cost using the current cost plugin of Veralite.

    Have in your planned changes the possibility of display a power gauge graphic starting from real value ?



  33. Christopher Andrews says:

    I have the Trane thermostat. It works fine with Vera and Homewave, except, my thermostat has Eheat mode which is used during the winter. I cant seem to access it from Homewave controls. I have off, auto, cool and heat. Would be nice to allow me to enable eheat (heatstrips) mode from app.

  34. Richard says:

    I was hoping to see support for multiple vera’s (3) in the latest release as suggested in the previous release. Is this still a planned feature ?

  35. Mark LeClair says:

    I just downloaded you app on my ipad. I’ve been able to add my vera 3 cameras, locks, etc to the screen. My question is there a way to add my 2 Nest thermostats to this app? If so where can I get instructions to help me add them. Also I have a monitored ADT alarm system at the house. Can that also be added to this as well? I like what I see from the APP so far. Much better than the micasaverde app. Thanks!

  36. Chris says:

    For the lock buttons and light buttons, when I try to customize them to show an icon/image when the light turns on/off or door is locked/unlocked, the icon is not appearing.

    • admin says:

      Have you specified images for both the on and off (locked / unlocked) states?

      • Chris says:

        I had only picked an icon for when it was locked, but I did set one for locked and unlocked and it worked. Also, I have seen some pics online where it looks like there are grid lines around some boxes, is there a way to add grid/boundary type lines?

  37. Tom Monahan says:

    Can’t seem to get my HomeWave to see my WIFI. Have red (not white) icon in the upper right hand corner and the message continues to look for my Veralite. I’ve double checked all the settings in Iphone “Setup”. I’ve rebooted the Iphone and downloaded the Homewave three times (hope I don’t get charged.)

    My MMS Vera seems to see everything just fine.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  38. Lars says:

    Great app!
    However, I can’t get it working remotely while not at the home network, I have tested all the settings without success, and no error message provides just doesn’t work.
    I’m a iPad user.

    Please help.

    • admin says:

      Hi Lars, did you enter the following information in the Settings?
      – MiOS username
      – MiOS password
      – URL field: leave blank
      – Direct to Vera: off
      – Device ID: should already be filled in by HomeWave
      – IP address: should already be filled in by HomeWave

      If so, please try and connect remotely with logging enabled, and send me the log file (see:

      • Ron Sterbenz says:

        I am having the same issue. I can log on with other apps off wifi but not this one. I really prefer this one over the one that works! I must be doing something wrong. I turned off wifi, enabled logging and emailed a log to you. Thank you for the help.

        • admin says:

          Please note that HomeWave currently does not work remotely with UI6 / Vera firmware 1.6.x (it does work on WiFi). We’ve received the necessary info from Vera to add support for this and development is in progress. Hopefully we will have this in the app store before the end of April

          • jeremy says:


            my app works locally on the wifi but not remotely 3G/4G etc

            Mios user name is correct
            Mios password is correct
            URL is empty

          • admin says:

            Apologies for the late reply! Did you get this to work? If not, please make sure that the “UI5 Firmware” switch is set to Off, unless you are using UI5

  39. TerryL says:

    Hi, any way to control the units in a sensor reading. They come out F when C is the unit of the value that is displayed. I have my Vera set up with the Temperature format “English – F” because my thermostat only works with integer temperatures. Degrees C are is too big, so I use F. However, the World Weather plugin, which produces the “Temperature” sensor value I am showing in Homewave, allows you to specify “Metric” or “US Units”. I have picked “Metric” for the units so I can match up with the local weather forecasts, but Homewave shows the value with an “F” not a “C” and there is no option to change the literal. The Homewave sensor implementation seems to be using the Vera units setting instead of the World Weather plugin setting that the displayed value is taken from.

    Any thoughts on adding an option to change the “F” “C” literal ?

    • admin says:

      Will consider an option to replace default units with custom ones

    • Luis says:

      I live in the US. My thermostat is using “F” but the HomeWave app shows only “C”. When I change the temp using the HomeWave app it drops my temp all the way down to 35F… how can I change it from C to F?

      • admin says:

        Go into the Settings app of your iPhone and scroll down to the entry for HomeWave. In there you’ll find the app settings, including the temperature unit

  40. Marco DeGennaro says:

    Background image for home screen doesn’t stay… I set it all the time and then when I exit app its not there…. This is on an iPad. The one on my iPhone keeps it. I have the app on 3 iPads and an iPhone… None of the iPads keep the home screen background image… Any suggestions for this.. thank you…

  41. coffee_addict says:

    any plans for an android version?

    • admin says:

      Porting HomeWave to Android will be a sizable job. I am planning to get started on this once the iOS app is more or less stable, which will be after a few more releases. I can’t give a timeline, though.

  42. CJ says:

    Fantastic control – by far the best around.

    I was wonding if it is possible to arm/disarm a motion sensor? As far as I can tell, you can only note if it is tripped or untripped.

    And is there a way to set a push notificatin for a trip?

  43. Joel says:

    I have the app on an iPad as well as iPhone, and am having trouble with the interface to new Envisalink. Everything seems to work fine one day, then the next I find that the app will not control the DSC security system, arming or disarming. All other controls still work. I can control the system with a scene through the vera mobile app, so I know that the Envisalink works, and have made no changes to setup, it will start working again a few hours later…’s as if the “security” button just stops working for a few hours. Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      In principle, the commands that HomeWave sends to Vera do not change over time once a control has been added to HomeWave and linked to a device. There could be an issue in the DSC plugin, but so far no one has reported one. Have you set the alarm control in HomeWave to “PIN”, i.e. make it ask for HomeWave’s PIN before the control can be used? If so, try it with the control set to “Enabled” instead of “PIN”.

      If that doesn’t help and the issue occurs again, please go into the app’s Settings and enable logging, then try to arm / disarm the alarm again. Once it fails, go to the Info screen and mail the log file using the button there. Then disable logging again in Settings (it affects performance).

  44. Phil says:

    I am having difficulty in the last few days connecting to my Vera when away from the local WAN. It worked up until recently but just won’t connect anymore unless I am at home and connected to the home WAN. This has occurred on both my iPhone 5 and my iPad. How can I troubleshoot it.

    • admin says:

      Hi Phil,

      Please check the MiOS username and password in the Settings for HomeWave. If you still have trouble, please go to Settings and enable logging for HomeWave, then try and connect when away. Then click the “i” button to open the info screen, click “Mail log” to send me the log file. Afterwards, go back to Settings and disable logging again (as it impedes performance)

  45. Kris says:

    Hi, I’m can’t seem to figure out how the new Action Button opens another iOS app.

    • admin says:

      To open a different app via an action button:
      1) Add the button, set “Action” to “URL”
      2) In the URL, enter the URL to open the app, for example sms:// to open the SMS app
      The app you want to open must support “URL schemes”. You can find a list of apps and their URLs here: The format is always [appname]://

  46. Silvio says:

    Hello , Could you add some examples and tutorial to use action buttons and URL, and how to open other IOS apps using homewave

  47. Justin Schumacher says:

    Love the app and my wife and I use it every day! I want to put a +1 in for the feature allowing for buttons to change screens. That little home button is tricky to hit and we often inadvertently turn on/off lights while trying to push it.

    Also– I noticed in the last release you added a dimming feature targeted for people who wall mount their iOS devices. I’m wondering if you have any suggestions on good wall mounts? I’ve seen a few out there but none that really scream ‘permanently mounted home automation solution.’

    • admin says:

      You;re not the first to request that feature!

      I have not found a nice and affordable wall mount for iPhones or iPads. I ended up making my own out of a blank face plate for a double pattress box. 15 minutes with a drill, hacksaw and Dremel.

  48. Eric says:

    Hi guys, Great app! I love it but have a couple of issues.

    1- I have CO2 and Atmospheric pressure displayed using the Multi Value display and data from my Netatmo devices. For some reason, the Multi Value display always displays “%” as the units despite the devices’ Units and UnitsDisplay parameters.

    2- On the iPad when in landscape mode, the PIN popup is in the wrong orientation. It still works, but it’s definitely a bug.

    Please advise. Many thanks!


    • admin says:

      1) This is a known issue with this control. It should display units for certain known quantities, and no units for everything else, but it does not take any unit information sent from Vera into account. A future version will fix this.

      2) Does rotating the iPad back and forth help? I have not been able to reproduce this, can you tell me your iPad type, iOS version and whether or not you have “Sliding Home Panel” enabled in the app’s settings please?

      • Eric says:

        Glad to hear your working on a fix for #1.

        With regard to #2, rotating the iPad back and forth does not fix the issue. I have the issue on both of my 3rd generation iPads. The issue was present with iOS6 and still persists after upgrading to iOS7. I had “Sliding Home Panel” enabled, but disabling it had no affect to the issue. I’ll email you a couple of screen shots.


  49. Silvio says:

    I can’t find the action button on edit/add mode

    • admin says:

      That section was added to the web site a bit prematurely. The action button will be available in the next version of HomeWave

  50. Pete Raso says:

    Hi there
    Apple IOS7 is not working problem with VistaCam PT Foscam.
    When you switch to pan and tilt view, the close button in the top right hand corner is not working. I believe this may something to do with the control center which is a swipe down. It seems the close button is to close to the top. It works perfect with IOS6. Is there a fix?

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