HomeWave is the app of choice to work together with your Vera. You can use it to turn lights on and off, open the garage door, set the heating, check alarms, and watch your security cameras. Use it at home and on the go to control your house.

Other apps for Vera expose you to the full set of Z-wave devices in your house, often in long lists that are not easy to navigate. In contrast, HomeWave will let you build an easy to use interface, showing only the right buttons. HomeWave's is as easy to use as a remote control, intended for people who do not know or care about Z-wave or Vera.

Buy HomeWave in the App Store or discuss on the MCV forums
(In Switzerland, HomeWave is available as CS Home)

Get started!

HomeWave is easy to set up and use. Hit the Getting Started page for a 5 minute tutorial on connecting to Vera and creating a remote control page. Once you are up and running, you may want to visit Advanced Configuration to find out how you can customise HomeWave to your taste.

If you do not need to set up HomeWave but just want to find out how to use it, visit the Using Homewave page.

Ease of use

HomeWave aims to meet the needs of:
  • Residents, who just wants to control lights, heating and sensors around the house;
  • Homeowners, who manage their Z-wave network and want to create easy-to-use remotes, for other residents or for themselves;
  • Professional Z-wave installers, who manage Vera configurations on behalf of their clients.


HomeWave requires:
  • A Vera (Vera 2, 3 or lite);
  • A WiFi connection on the same LAN as Vera (to connect locally)
  • A Mobile data connection (to connect remotely via MIOS)
  • iOS 5.1 and up