Advanced control properties

Version 1.98 added a few “advanced” options to the available control properties.  Some of these options work together; the effect of changing one property may depend on other properties.  The basics of each advanced property are explained below:

Visual Style

This adds a visual element to the control.  Available styles are:

None: no added visual element

Flat: Adds a flat button to the control

Round: Adds a rounded button

Hollow: Adds a hollow button

Outline: Adds a rounded outline to the control


Button Color

Refers to the color of the added visual element (the button or outline).  The (on) color is applied when the control is on or tripped; set the (on) color to Transparent to apply the specified Button Color regardless of the control state.


3D Effect

Adds a 3d effect to the ring, giving it a beveled appearance.  The effect is subtle and works best with certain colors and backgrounds.



Small indicator

This option changes the ring into a small rounded bar at the bottom of the control, similar to a rectangular status LED.

Small ring

This option makes the ring smaller and thinner, and at the same time will slightly enlarge the “button” style visual element if one was added.  The effect is to draw the ring on the button instead of around it.