Change Log

(# means: re-link this control to its device after upgrading to a new HomeWave version, in order to take advantage of a new feature or bug fix)

  • v2.13 (planned)
    – Option to play a sound when a control value changes
    – Ability to protect scenes with PIN or biometrics
    – Protect home screen widgets using biometrics
  • v2.12
    – Support for large iPhone X models
    – Supports FaceID to use instead of the app PIN
  • v2.10
    – Additional screen fixes for iPhone X: PIN code management for locks
    – AltUI Workflow widget now also has a “reset workflow” option
    – Option to specify PIN codes for individual controls.  When PIN protection is enabled on the control, and a separate PIN is specified for that control, the app will ask for that PIN instead of the PIN specified in Settings.  This allows you to protect controls with a PIN and give that PIN out to guests, without having to reveal the app PIN.
  • v2.9 (available)
    – Changes iPhone X title bar and Home bar, additional fixes to a number of screens
    – Fixes crash when saving control panel
    – Today widget now has “show more” button if taller than default size
    – Added option to reverse buttons on window covering / blind control
    – Support for AltUI Workflows.  A new Workflow control lets you monitor the state of a workflow and optionally trigger a transition.
  • v2.8
    – Fixes issues with images not being saved
    – Title bar support for iPhone X
    – Fixes formatting of multi value controls
  • v2.7
    – Fix for camera issues
  • v2.5
    – Fixed some issues in Lock PIN managament
    – Allows Action buttons and Screen buttons to be linked to a scene, to be executed when the button is pressed
    – Can delete files by swiping left on them in the file dialog
    – Can easily switch between multiple configuration files (Go Settings -> General)
    – Fixed time zone issue when setting lock PIN schedules
    – Fixed: Background / button color in dimmers not changing with light level
    – Fixed connection to fallback Mios servers
    – Thermostats can be adjusted by half degrees
    – Improved camera support: direct connections to the cameras (using settings lifted from Vera or entered manually), support for MJPEG streams, and streaming remotely (OpenLuup) *
    – Added a Household Push ID, that can be used to send push messages to all members of a household.
  • v2.4
    – Added a Cancel button to discard edits in control panels
    – Added a Fallback URL for Web controls: if the first URL fails, the second one is attempted
    – Added a “silent” sound for silent Push notifications.
    – Added a setting in General to allow for instant (non animated) transitions between screens
  • v2.3
    – Added a Back button that will take you back to the previous screen (whatever it was).  This can help navigation on screens that can be accessed from multiple other screens (through Action buttons).  Use an Action button, “Previous / Next” type, and select Back as the desired action.
    – You can now copy the visual characteristics of a control to other controls.  To use (in edit mode): double-tap the control to be copied; it will be marked as being copied.  Then tap other controls to apply the color, style and background images of the selected control.  To stop copying, tap the selected control again.
    – Fixed a bug: Today screen widgets not showing the right temperature unit
    – Fixed a bug with the Web tile.  http, https should now work, self signed certs should be ok, and basic auth will work.
    – Fixed a bug: loading a saved screen as a subscreen now works
  • v2.2
    – It is now possible to add controls to the Home Screen; the Home Screen is effectively the same as any other screen.
    – You can add sub-screens to Control screens.  Swiping down on a screen brings you to the parent screen.  Swiping left/right will send you to any other screen that shares the same parent.  To switch to a (sub)screen from a screen other than the parent screen, use an Action button.
    – iPad has (optional) navigation buttons, to help navigate through the new screen hierarchy
    – Temperature unit override has been removed from individual controls, and moved to settings for individual Vera gatyeways
    – Font size adjustment now works for Screen buttons
    – Window blind controls now offer a ring / slider, for motorized blinds that support partial opening / closing (delete existing blind controls and re-add them to mae use of this feature).
    – Window blind controls can be made horizontal (this makes more sense for curtains)
    – Added Refresh interval (optional) to Web tiles.
    – Added support for uPnP rendering control/Volume (used by the Denon plugin and others to control volume)
    – When opening the app, it will return to the last open control panel, even if the app was stopped completely
    – Fixed an issue with new lock PINs receiving an incorrect PIN id (affected Yale locks)
    – Fixed issue with blank controls, where the label would be line wrapped despite the control being wide enough for the label text.  If you have labels like this, delete the control and add it again to apply the fix.
    – Fixed issue with Action button causing a crash when trying to select a Vera Gateway in the button properties.
    – Font size adjustment range increased from 0.5-1.5 to 0.5-2.0
  • v2.1
    – PIN management for locks.
    – Support for the official Vera hue plugin.
    – Limited support for RGBW controller: color control can be used to set R, G and B channel.
    – Temperature unit override on individual sensors and thermostats. This only overrides the unit label; there’s no conversion done on the reported value.
    – Buttons on “Rose” type controls now light op when clicked, to indicate which button was pressed.
    – Direct connection to cameras when on local network
    – Font size can be adjusted for individual controls
    – Fixes:
    – – Reset Control Dimensions option works again.
    – – Web tile now has the correct size in Landscape
    – – Multi button control maps to the correct buttons of a multiswitch device when in Rose mode (relink the control to apply the fix)
  • v2.0
    – New control for displaying local time and weather
    – New “Web view” control, displays the contents of a web site.
    – New push notification sounds.  Check Settings->Files->Notification Sounds. See for more info
    – GUI redesign / restyling
    – New options for visual elements:
    – – A new Thin style is available for most controls, with an iOS 7 like appearance
    – – Font face and size can be changed; the selected font is applied to all control tiles.
    – – Scene controls can now have a separate image for the “scene active” state.
    – – The color of images in controls can be adjusted.
    – – Images in controls can be clipped to the shape of the button, using the “draw as icon” option. This allows images to be used as button textures. A few new textures have been added to te built-in set of images.
    – Fixes:
    – – “Small indicator” option now also available for dimmers
    – – Screen Background images no longer disappear when restarting the app.
    – – Fixed issue with some icons and images disappearing when the app restarts
    – – “Vary color with dim level” function for dimmers works again
    – – Fixed issue with HomeWave not reconnecting remotely to UI7 Veras after suspending and reopening the app
    – – Dimmers now remember the last light level correctly, even when the app is shut down.
    – – Fixed crash related to Thermostats in UI6 / UI7.
    – – The Action button now properly handles spaces in URLs or Vera commands
    – – Using a Rose control (Alarm panels / Hue color preset) no longer causes a crash in iOS5
    – – The Multi Value control now displays the status of Plant Link sensors correctly.
  • v1.99
    – Basic support for Dune mediaplayer plugin (play / pause)
    – Fixes issue with slider controls (responsiveness and tapping to toggle on/off)
    – Fixes issue with window blind controls (tapping the control will stop the blinds)
    – Fixed opening HomeWave screens using URL: homewave://open/screenname
    – Saving to Dropbox will now overwrite the file if it already exists.
    – Status bar no longer appears and blocks buttons when opening the Photo dialog (adding images to controls)
    – Icons / images are now properly drawn on top of round, hollow or raised buttons.
    – Fixes issues with iPad layout (unconfigured controls, not being able to pick images or icons)
  • v1.98
    – Added a Today Widget!  After adding the Widget in your today screen, you can add controls to it in HomeWave Settings->General
    – Added % sign to battery level values, and m^3 unit to gas readings from the DSMR plugin in Multi Value controls
    – Option to lock app in Portrait or Landscape mode
    – Support for Touch ID instead of PIN, on devices with a fingerprint scanner (requires iOS 8)
    – Support for OpenSprinkler plugin (add zones as on/off switches, and use a Multi Button control to control the operating mode)
    – Additional options for adjusting the look of controls, more info here.
    – Support for iPhone 6(+) resolutions
    – Support for the Home / Away status built into UI7.  Add a Multi Button control and link it to Vera.
    – Support for PLEG.  You can add PLEG Event devices as “Sensor Indicator”, and arm / disarm them.  They show as Tripped when one or more conditions of the PLEG device have been satisfied.
    – You can now add additional slave devices to Hue / MiLight color controls, to control the color of multiple lights at once.
    – Fixes an issue where the allowable temperature range for thermostats have to be specified in Celsius, even with the app set to Fahrenheit.
    – It is now possible to set Action buttons to return to the Home Screen.
    – Fixes selection of radio playlists in combination with Sonos plugin v1.2
  • v1.93
    – Fixes remote access for Veras on UI6 / UI7
    – Triple Value controls now show % sign for humidity values
    – The feature to turn on associated lights when viewing a camera can now be turned off (see the poperties screen for the camera control). In addition, the full screen camera view allows the lights to be turned on or off.
    – Thermostat controls: minimum and maximum allowable temperatures can be set in the thermostat’s properties screen.
  • v1.92
    – Fixes issue with swiping when using an iPad lying flat on its back
    – Action control can now be linked to a Vera (in the control’s Properties) so that Lua commands can be sent to the correct Vera, in case there is more than one Vera.
    – Error messages about incorrect credentials will now only be shown once, until the app is restarted or network settings are changed.
    – Settings not applicable to the type of device (iPhone / iPad) are now hidden in the settings screen.
    – Support for SimpleAlarm plugin
  • v1.91
    – Fixes issue with certain UI6 remote login configurations
    – Added dialogs to indicate an incorrect username / password for MiOS / GetVera
  • v1.9
    – Support for remote access to UI6 / 1.6.x
    – Support for the Multiswitch plugin (can be added as a single control for all buttons, or use a standard on/off control linked to one of the buttons on the Multiswitch)
    – App settings have been moved from the Settings app to an in-app screen (under the Info (i) button)
    – Improved connection time to Vera when re-opening the app
    – Device list is sorted by room name, and room names have Vera’s name (if set) or ID added for easy identification.
    – Added option to clear the app configuration (“factory reset”)
    – When the app runs for the first time, it will now show all discovered Veras, and lets the user select which ones to use
    – Passwords are now stored in encrypted form on the iPhone
    – If screen dimming is enabled and the app is woken up while dimmed, the app will go back to sleep after 30 seconds
  • v1.78
    – Buttons to ask Vera to include or exclude Z-Wave devices (can be found on the Info screen).
    – Battery indicator shows a ? if the battery level was last reported over a month ago.
    – Added Shuffle and Repeat buttons to Sonos / Media control (relink your control to Sonos to make this work)
    – Small improvements to network code
    – Support for the iPhone Detector plugin: allows muting / unmuting
  • v1.77
    – Fixed bug: adding a background image to the Home panel on iPads now works.
    – Fixed bug: Action buttons can now be configured on iOS < 6.0
    – Fixed bugs in Sonos playlists: Unicode characters, Sonos restarting a playlist several times when selected.
    – Compatibility with the latest version of the Sonos plugin.
  • v1.75
    – Support for multiple Veras.
    – Sonos / generic AV support: New control type added to control Sonos or generic AV devices.  Volume can be controlled through a Dimmer control linked to the AV device.  An on/off control can be used to mute / unmute the device.
    – Option to link Dimmers and Thermostats to additional devices, in order to control all of them with a single control. Add the Vera device IDs for additional devices under the “Linked devices” property, separating multiple IDs with commas.
    – If there is no network connection to Vera, operating controls linked to it will now result in a red flash indicating an error.
    – Fixed issue with thermostat control: when set to control “temperature” and with the thermostat in auto mode, it will display/control the heat setpoint when the system is heating, or the cool setpoint when cooling.
    – Fixed issue with Navigation control: sending service requests to vera now works.
    – Scene selector no longer shows hidden scenes (used by Vera for notifications)
    – Fixed crash that may occur when using a “rose” type control together with a PIN entry.
    – In iOS7, slider controls now have the slider track color set automatically.
    – Info screen now shows correct (unescaped) Push notification ID for the HomeWave Push plugin for Vera.
  • v1.70
    – New Action buttons which can be added to a control panel, to switch to other screens, open other apps, go to the previous/next screen, invoke arbitrary URLs, or send arbitrary lu_action commands to your Vera.
    – Support for MiLight RGBW bulbs.
    – Added an option for lock to only require the PIN when unlocking the door.
    – Fixed issue with iPad camera view on devices on iOS 6 or earlier.
    – Fixed issue with icon selection window that prevented icons to be added to controls.
    – When viewing a camera, Vera will turn on lights (as configured in Vera).
    – Fixed issue with rotation of PIN screen on iPads.
    – Added the option to display an alternative background image for the “on” state to dimmer controls.
  • v1.65
    – Switches and binary indicators can now have a second image which will be shown when the device is in the On/Tripped state.
    – Z-Wave status indicator can be turned off
    – New formatting options for multi-value controls: center text, and display the value(s) in a larger font like the sensor controls do.
    – Added options for 1 and 3 seconds to the available camera refresh intervals. These are only valid when connected via LAN; when on MiOS, an interval of 1 or 3 seconds will revert to the minimum for MiOS (10s)
    – Fixed an issue preventing HomeWave connecting to Vera on LAN in some cases
    – Fixed position of Rose controls on scrolling control panels
    – Fixes issue with title bar obscuring the Close button in the full screen camera view (iOS7)
    – Fixed issue with Dropbox images not being added correctly
  • v1.60
    – Indication of transmission errors (similar to the red/blue/green dot indicators in Vera’s UI)
    – Ability to distribute Vera configuration files by email. This makes it easy to push new configurations to other residents, or for professional installers to update their clients’ configurations.
    – The “Ask” and “PIN” options of the Alarm Panel control now correctly ask for confirmation or the app PIN respectively.
    – Fixes issue with linking of DropBox accounts
    – Fixes iOS7 status bar displayed over button bar.
  • v1.55
    – Tapping the connection indicator will make HomeWave try and reconnect
    – (iPad only) Option to use the full screen; the Home screen will slide in and out as needed.
    – Option to add images and icons from Dropbox.
    – Fixed an issue with the multi value display that causes a crash when trying to configure the control.
    – Ability to receive Push Notifications from Vera.
    – MiOS-related fix
    – The ability to let HomeWave “sleep” (dim the screen) when a binary switch on Vera is turned on (tap the dimmed screen to bring it back up)
  • v1.50
    – The screen settings (“gear”) buttons are now only available when the app is in Edit mode.
    – iPhone screens can be extended with extra rows, which makes them scrollable.  The option to add and delete rows from screens can be found in the screen settings (the “gear” button)
    – New control added to set Color Temperature or Hue / Saturation directly for Philips Hue or MiLight / EasyBulb lights. Requires plugin v1.0 for Philips Hue, or the MiLight plugins released post May 9 2013
    – App can now be opened by URL: homewave:// , or opened to a specific screen with homewave://open/screenname
    – Support for Insteon FanLinc devices (Choose the Thermostat Option control to add fans)
    – Supports Day & Night plugin (add as a regular binary switch)
    – Added option to enable logging and send the log to support via email (default = off, see HomeWave settings)
    – Added option to remove power consumption indicator from devices if one is displayed (all devices).
    – Fixed “Override MiOS URL” option.
    – App now uses the (load balanced) discovery server, as per MiOS recommendation.
    – Fixed issue with sliders in iOS 4.3, 5.x.
    – Fixed issue that prevented Fibaro blind controllers with older firmware to be detected
  • v1.43
    – Fixes issue that can cause the Mios service to be flooded with requests
    – Removed the colon (:) from the Tri Value view (you can add a colon in the label, if desired)
    – Camera screens can no longer be dismissed by swiping down (this caused a crash)
    – Added option to remove power consumption indicator from thermostats if one is displayed.
  • v1.42
    – Breakfix release for v1.41
    – Fixes to Slider dimmers
    – Slider dimmers can be tapped to turn the lights on/off (only tapping the slider’s pip will work)
    – Fixed sliding issue with iPad in landscape
    – Dimmer up/down buttons improved (react on touch up instead of down, improves swiping screens)
    – Camera control will now reflect the last image that was shown in the camera full screen mode.
    – Fixed color management screen, keyboard no longer hides the color to be edited on the iPad
    – Fixed issue of on/off switches not working after upgrading from pre 1.41 versions.
    – Made horizontal sliders easier to grab, while making vertical ones narrower to facilitate swiping between screens
    – Sliders can be made horizontal or vertical by a control property
    – iPad screen no longer gets messed up after closing a full screen camera view while the iPad is flat on its back
    – New option “text outside control” will draw text labels above/ below the control instead of inside it, with icons fitting in between (set icon size to “small”)
  • v1.41
    – Support for various devices and plugins (DSC alarm plugin, roller/shutter controls)
    – Major overhaul for device recognition, which will allow any new device or plugin using existing uPnP services to be used from HomeWave without having to wait for support to be added.
    – Fix for camera detail screen on iPads with iOS 5.x
    – Adjust maximum text width on controls if no rings are present
    – Option to ignore MiOS IP address settings for Vera.
    # Display power load fo devices that report it.
    – A new control has been added that can display any 3 values as reported by any device. This control replaces the old Energy meter control.
    – Temperature unit is now set automatically according to Vera’s configuration
    – Option to ignore Vera’s IP address as reported by MiOS: this fixes issues where Vera is on a separate subnet
  • v1.31
    – Support for iPad
    – Support for various devices and plugins (Nest, Philips Hue, Deus ex Machina, Smart Virtual Thermostat)
    – Improved dimmer gesture (doesn’t cancel out as quick, even when moving the finger away from the ring)
    – The “No control” tiles can be linked to battery powered devices to display battery level.
    – Fixes issue with thermostats, where sometimes the displayed setpoint is off by 1.
  • v1.21
    – Fixed connection issue to MiOS, added option to bypass MiOS and specify a connection URL
    – Improved connection time to MiOS
    – Sensors with an armed / disarmed indicator can now have user interaction disabled
  • v1.2 – Customisation
    – the overall UI was polished up a bit
    – custom colors and icons / images can be selected for controls
    – custom colors and images can be set for screen backdrops
    – option to add new colors to the list of preset colors, and change existing colors
    – rotating the phone upside down will rotate the status bar to the correct position again.
    – Fixed issue with unresponsive locks (see Known Issues below for a workaround).
    – Support for the TED5000 energy monitor plugin
    – Support for the larger iPhone 5 screen and iOS6
    – Option to reset the control grid of a screen.
  • v1.1 – Several minor bugs and features
    – Adding Norwegian / Swedish localisation
    – loading/storing from documents folder or Dropbox
    # Fixed issue with thermostat energy mode control.
    # Option to display sensor values with 1 decimal.
    # Support for arming / disarming security sensors.
    – Support for camera Presets
    – Fixes an issue with camera images sometimes not coming through
    # Battery level indicators added.
  • v1.0 – Initial release