Configuring Cameras

When you add a camera control in HomeWave and link it to a camera on your Vera, all the necessary settings are copied from your Vera. However, you can further improve video performance by changing the settings to take advantage of MJPEG streaming, if your camera supports that.

You can also configure the camera control manually, in order to access cameras that are not connected to Vera.

How HomeWave connects to your camera

HomeWave will attempt to obtain still images or an MJPEG video stream from your camera using the connection settings described below.  If an MJPEG stream is available, you will have live video both on the control’s thumbnail image and in the full screen view.  If only still images are available, or if the camera can only be reached through Vera, the thumbnail will show a still image that is updated every so often; the full screen view will offer live video with a framerate limited by what the connection allows.

Camera connection settings

The following needs to be specified (in the camera control’s properties) to connect to a camera:

  • Camera IP Address: The IP address of your camera
  • Image / MJPEG path: The path / URL on your camera to obtain a still image or an MJPEG stream (consult the manual for your camera)
  • Username / Password: Only necessary if your camera requires them to obtain video, leave these blank otherwise.

These parameters are filled in automatically when you link a camera control to a camera on your Vera.

HomeWave will attempt to obtain still images or an MJPEG stream using this URL: http://[Camera IP address]/[Image / MJPEG path]

Using MJPEG streaming

If your camera supports MJPEG streaming, simply change the Image / MJPEG path setting to point to the MJPEG stream.  MJPEG streaming offers far better performance on your local network, and will show live video on the camera control’s thumbnail as well.

Manually connecting to a camera

If your camera is not connected to Vera, proceed as follows:

  1. Add a camera control.
  2. When prompted to select the camera on Vera (“Select Vera Device”), tap the Cancel button.
  3. Configure the camera manually using the settings described above.

If HomeWave is unable to obtain an image from your camera

  1. Check that the settings are correct, especially username and password.
  2. If you are connecting to a video stream, check that the camea supplies the stream in a format supported by HomeWave (currently only MJPEG)
  3. If the camera requires username and password, try clearing the username and password fields in the camera settings in HomeWave, and supply the credenials in the URL as follows: http://username:password@camera-ip.address/path
  4. If nothing works, clear the URL, username and password fields.  HomeWave will then use Vera to obtain the camera images