Loading / Saving

You can save HomeWave’s configuration to the app’s Documents Folder or to Dropbox, and load it onto another iPhone to share a configuration or a single control screen with others.


Saving the complete HomeWave configuration

It is possible to save the complete configuration of HomeWave for backup purposes, or to load the configuration onto a second iPhone.  The following information is save:

  • App settings such as details on Vera and MIOS credentials, timeouts, etc.
  • The Home screen
  • All control screens, and the controls on them including the links to their respective Vera devices.

Your PIN is not saved.  This is to allow the people you share the configuration with to set their own PINs.

When you save a configuration, you have the option of “locking” the saved file (see screenshot on the right).  When a locked configuration file is loaded into HomeWave, the user will not be able to edit or save the configuration in any way.  They can still set their own PIN, change the app’s settings,or  load a different configuration.  This is useful if you want to give someone else limited access to your home (e.g. a caretaker), but limit their access to a few specific controls.

You can load and save the configuration from the Info screen; press on the Home screen.


Loading  / Saving a single control screen

Saving a single control screen will save all of the controls on that screen, including their individual settings, and the links to their respective Z-Wave devices on your Vera.

To load or save a screen:

  • Go to the Home screen and start Edit mode
  • Select the button for the screen you wish to save.  To load a screen, either select an existing screen to replace, or add a button for a new screen.
  • Click the edit button  again to bring up the button’s properties.  The Load and Save buttons are at the bottom of the list.


Accessing HomeWave files in the app’s Documents Folder

When you save HomeWave files to your iPhone, the files will be kept on the phone itself, in a folder that belongs to the app.  You can access this folder from iTunes as follows:

  • Connect your phone to your computer and start iTunes
  • Click on your phone (under devices)
  • Switch to the Apps tab, and scroll down to the File Sharing section.  You’ll see a list of apps, including HomeWave
  • Click on HomeWave to access its files.