Push Notifications

Starting from version 1.55, you can send Push Notifications from Vera to HomeWave on your iPhone!

Warning!  Please read

Push Notifications are still somewhat experimental. Please note that this service may be subject to change in the future, and that currently the HomeWave push service does not encrypt data (see the page on Privacy). No personal data is stored on this server, though.

Setting up Push Notifications

On your iPhone

  1. Make sure you have allowed HomeWave to receive Push Notifications. Check Settings->Notifications and look under “HomeWave”
  2. Go into HomeWave’s settings, and enter a Push ID (under Network Settings). This Push ID is what Vera will be sending messages to; if you run HomeWave on multiple devices, you can give each device its own Push ID and send messages to only that device, or you can give all devices the same ID so they will all receive the same messages. Make sure the ID is at least 20 characters long.

On your Vera

  1. Go to the MiOS App Store and install the HomeWave push plugin on your Vera.  It will create a new device.
  2. Open the HomeWave push device, enter your Push ID, and click Set
  3. Click the Test button.  A push message should arrive on your iPhone.

If no message arrives, try “Reload” on your Vera, killing and restarting HomeWave, and check the Push ID on both your phone and the plugin.

Managing alerts

For managing push notifications prompted by alerts or triggers, we highly recommend using the VeraAlerts plugin.  This plugin can be configured to forward pugs notifications to the HomeWave push plugin and through to your iPhone:

  • Open the VeraAlerts device and switch to the Settings tab.
  • On the Settings tab, switch to Plugin Forwarding
  • Enter the following values:
    – ServiceID: urn:intvelt-com:serviceId:HWPush1
    – Action: SendMessage
    – Args: Msg="{Message}"
    – Device ID: the device ID of the HomeWave Push device

You may want to set Default Recipients (under General) to Forward


You can send Push notifications using scenes: open the Advanced tab for a scene, choose the HomeWave push plugin device and click Add, then enter the text to send.


you can also send notifications with some Luup code.

luup.call_action("urn:intvelt-com:serviceId:HWPush1", "SendMessage", {Msg = "Bla"}, deviceid)

Be sure to substitute deviceid with the ID of the HomeWave Push device, and replace Bla with the message you want to send.

Changing the notification sound

You can use a different sound for notifications. In HomeWave, go to Settings->Files->Notification Sounds to check what’s available. Tap a sound in the list to hear it.

The sound to play is specified in your Vera scenes or the VeraAlerts plugin; you can use different sounds for different events. When specifying a sound, use its name as it appears on the list of sounds in HomeWave.

Using sounds in scenes

Add the HomeWave Push device to your scene under the Advanced tab, and enter the name of the desired sound in the Sound field.

Using sounds in the VeraAlerts plugin

To change the default sound used for Push messages sent by the VeraAlerts plugin, open the VeraAlerts device, switch to the Profiles tab, and change the DefaultArgs parameter for HomeWave to Msg="{Message}",Sound="soundname", and replace soundname with the name of the sound to play.

You can also specify the sound to play for each event in the Notification Configuration tab of VeraAlerts. Simply add {Sound=soundname} to the message string.