Screen properties

Access the Screen properties by clicking the gear button , when HomeWave is in Edit mode.  Properties for the Home screen and for Control screens are identical.


The screen properties dialog lets you set a number of properties similar to those of individual controls, such as background colors and images.



The size of a screen can be increased by adding extra rows.  Clicking the “Add Row” button in the Screen properties window will add 1 extra row of controls, having the same height as the currently bottommost row.   The control screen will then become scrollable.

The bottommost row of controls can be deleted with the “Delete row” button, provided that all controls on that row are of equal height.  If the size of the control area becomes smaller than the available screen size, the remaining controls will be stretched to fill out the available space.

Note that screens can only be resized on iPhones; those on iPads havea  fixed size!