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Questions, problems?  Please leave a comment below or send us an email.  If you have ideas on how to impove this app, we’d love to hear from you!

Upgrading HomeWave

New versions of HomeWave will regularly add new features to the various device controls, or fix issues with these controls.  When you upgrade your installation of HomeWave, it may be necessary to re-link these controls to their respective devices, in order to take advantage of bug fixes or new features.  This will be indicated in the change log with a # if this is the case.

To re-link a control:

  • Go into edit mode on the control screen
  • Select the control to re-link
  • Click the link button
  • Select the correct Vera device

Planned Changes

  • Controlling the iPhones music player from the AV control in HomeWave
  • Wider sliding Home screen on iPads
  • Location-based triggers
  • Support for arbitrary plugins (device wizard).
  • Option to dim / turn off the screen after a period of inactivity
  • Allow selecting multiple grid cells of different sizes, as long as the selected area is rectangular
  • Positive Indication of failed/succesful scene execution
  • File dialog functionality (deleting files, etc) / Revamp of the file dialog.
  • PIN management for locks.

Unsupported Devices (support for these is planned)

  • Door locks (pin code management is unsupported, but opening/closing works)

Known Issues

  • The Reset Control Grid function does not work
  • When adding controls to the Today widget on an iPad, the list of devices matching the cosen control type never appears.  To fix: tap Refresh.
  • Activating a scene that causes a Push message to be sent to HomeWave may cause the app to disconnect and re-send the scene command, causing a loop.
  • Multi Value display / Linear sensors do not recognize CO/CO2 levels, pressure as quantities
  • Setting Normal / Eco mode doesn’t work on the Smart Virtual Thermostat (though the control accurately reflects the thermostat’s mode).
  • Deleting a screen button from the home screen sometimes leaves the associated control screen in place, visible when swiping through screens.  Workaround: close and kill HomeWave, then restart.
  • Setting the Background Image Transparency to zero on Home or Control screens will render the buttons on that screen inoperable.

Fixed Issues

  • Dropbox files are never overwritten even when answering Yes to the overwrite dialog
  • When specifying the allowable temperature range on thermostat controls, the temperatures have to be entered in Celsius even if the app is set to Fahrenheit.  Fixed in 1.98
  • Controls with an “active background” do not show transmission errors.  Fixed in 1.75
  • The Multi Value control sometimes shows % as unit instead of nothing.  Fixed in v1.75
  • Status bar shown over the HomeWave button bar at the top of the screen (iOS7)
  • Linking a DropBox account is not possible (but already linked installations of HomeWave can still load/save) (v1.55)
  • The “Ask” and “PIN” options do not work correctly in the Alarm Panel control. Fixed in v1.60
  • Version 1.30 does not work on iOS4.3. A fix will be released soon (look for version 1.31 and up)
  • After adding a Dimmer control and changing it to a Slider, the control square cannot be selected (and the slider is active even in edit mode). Workaround: save the screen and go into edit mode again. Fixed in 1.42
  • Slider dimmers sometimes do not transmit the last value and/or the last value gets overridden by a different intermediate value, causing the slider to jump back. Fixed in 1.42
  • Swiping between screens on iPads doesn’t work correctly in landscape. Fixed in 1.42
  • Camera images on the control screen do not update properly after closing the full screen camera view. Fixed in 1.42
  • The color management screen (adding / changing colors) does not work correctly on the iPad when in Landscape mode. Workaround: rotate to porttrait when working on colors. Fixed in 1.42
  • After upgrading, on/off switches may stop working: they appear to work but the light doesn’t actually switch on or off. To fix: re-link the control to its z-wave device. Fixed in 1.42
  • When opening and closing a full screen camera view, the screen layout can become jumbled on iPads lying flat on their back. To fix: rotate the iPad back and forth 90 degrees. Fixed in 1.42
  • Disconnected Vera can cause the Mios service to be flooded with requests. Fixed in 1.43
  • Closing Camera screens by swiping down can cause a crash. Fixed in 1.43
  • Added option to remove power consumption indicator from thermostats if one is displayed. Fixed in 1.43
  • Specifying an override URL for MiOS doesn’t always work. Fixed in 1.50
  • Transparency sliders do not work properly on iOS 4.3 / 4.x. Fixed in 1.50


Changes on the back burner (these will not be implemented soon)

  • Remote configuration management
  • Option to lock the complete app based on the state of a Vera Switch (for example: caretakers can only access the app when the house is in “Away” state, for your privacy)
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  1. Greg Iverson says:

    I just wanted to report a strange issue that has come up in Homewave since IOS 13.4 came out…

    When you do a LONG PRESS on the Homewave icon you get a set of “widget” icons. When you tap a widget icon it used to do the action (turn the light on/off, etc.) and the widget screen would stay there so you could keep turning devices on/off. Very nice and convenient!

    Since IOS 13.4, when you do the long press and tap on a widget icon it immediately brings up the full Homewave app and then does the action. So now you lose the convenience of being able to quickly turn multiple devices on/off and stay on the iPhones home screen.
    Being the full Homewave app comes up with the Widget press it kinda defeats the purpose of the long-press widgets 🙂
    Apple always manages to somehow mess stuff up for developers!

    (note – the Notification Widget screen still operates correctly)

    Thanks Ron!


  2. Patrick Hagerman says:

    Do you support UI5 still? I have a client that still has their VeraLite on UI5. I’m trying to update something on their HomeWave configuration and can’t connect remotely. I’ll email you the log file. There are lots of errors when it tries to connect. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Mike C. says:

    I have issues on iOS 13.3 using the native iOS dark mode. All menu text is a very dark grey on black. If I switch to light mode. Text is clear and visible. Searched the faq and this page but maybe I am the only one having this issue? It makes the menus near impossible to read. Buttons/controls all display properly. You still have the best smart home app. Still beating the updated Vera app 🙂

  4. Art says:


    I upgraded my phone from iPhone X to XS, before Face ID was working as pins, now I have to manually type my phone pin, Any fix for this issue? On the lastest iOS 12.1.2 and homepage is updated and homewave config was restored from backup via Dropbox.

    Thanks Art

    • admin says:

      I’m not sure what is causing this issue. I have added some support for the XS in the upcoming version (2.12 pending approval) but I can’t yet confirm is that fixes the Face ID issue. I will look into it.

  5. Pete says:

    Hi there. Can you tell why suddenly the HomeWave app does not engage as fast as it used to. Yet in the Vera app, it almost immediate. I have a Vera 3. It requires about 30 seconds to see the white cloud.

    • admin says:

      This is still under investigation, it’s not yet clear why the delay is there only every now and then and only certain users.

  6. Ken Burton says:

    HomwWave refuses to accept my MIOS Credentials. It works great while on the same wifi network as my vera. What am I missing?

    • admin says:

      A few things to check:
      – Make sure you don’t have the UI5 option enabled in your Vera settigns in HomeWave (unless you are using UI5)
      – Make sure your credentials are correct: download the (free) Vera app and try your credentials there
      – This sounds stupid but it really is an issue: in some cases, credentials on don’t work on the API. Reset your password to something else and try again.

  7. Eli says:

    cameras seem to work fine from a vera device cam but when i close the app the option toggle in each of the camera settings “connect directly to camera” gets disabled and cameras no longer stream live.. i have to edit the camera settings and reenable it to get the live feed going again.

    also my old version of homewave 2.4 on my old ipad 2 could stream all 16 of my hikvision dvr cams separately no problem without vera at all (i had no cameras installed in vera).
    The settings in the old ipad 2 after generating a new camera control and canceling the vera device search were as follows:
    IP address: admin:1234@
    image/MJPEG path: /psia/streaming/channels/101/picture
    username: “blank”
    password: “blank”

    and that’s it it just worked on my old ipad 2 homewave version 2.4 … i could also stream live remotely just by changing the local IP to the public WAN IP with the correct port forwarded in my router.
    however nothing i do works in the new homewave 2.9 on my iphone 6S all updated current apple software.
    tried adding http:// in both fields together and seperately
    even tried a rtsp:// link under a different port that just opens in a vlc player or any browser.
    tried the connect directly to cam option and direct streaming option and legacy url for cameras option it just won’t connect without vera which sucks cuz the cams are eating unnessary bandwith thru vera slowing down my whole network..
    all my other zwave devices seem to react slower now in response time thru homewave… the cameras thru vera are killing me, everything, especially cams worked so much better and faster on my old ipad 2 ;-(

    anyone know why i can’t stream a generic mjpeg link without vera?

  8. Ed says:

    I really love your app – its one of my favourite things right now.

    I have a feature request – I have a couple of old iPad minis that have become too old and slow to use so they are now full-time homeware UI’s stuck on walls. As well as setting the colour to show the status of a device, I’d really like to be able to set a sound too. A user story for this might be:
    “As a homeowner, I would like to have an audible warning when a gate is unlocked so that I know that it is open”

  9. Greg Iverson says:

    Hi all!
    I reported this problem to Ronald already, but I thought I’d run it by some other users…
    I upgraded to the latest HomeWave iPhone app on Oct 6th (to fix a dropbox problem) and now my HomeWave widgets (in the pull-down screen) are being cut off…i.e. the box the widgets are shown in is about half the size it used to be so I’m missing several rows of controls. Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve deleted them all, added them back, moved them, rebooted the phone, updated to iOS 11.0.3 – no joy…



  10. Steve says:

    Camera streaming appears to have stopped in iOS11. I have 3 makes of camera, all have worked with Homeware without issue for a few years. None of them are working. The cameras still work by putting the URL into a browser.

    • admin says:

      Please upgrade to the last version of the app. Check the camera settings in HomeWave and make sure that “Request streaming” and “Direct connection” are both turned off

      • Steve says:

        Definitely got the latest version, all updates from the App Store have been applied.
        Use Request Streaming – Off
        Connect Directly to Camera – Off
        Currently no images. Checked all of the cameras. Any other suggestions?

        • admin says:

          Can you enable logging please, then open the screen with your cameras, wait a while, and mail me the log?

          • Steve says:

            I have sent you the log file. Looking at the contents I can see no error. I did do some further experiments today. As the one other thing that changed, which I should have thought about is the latest version of the Vera firmware.
            Before Vera knew nothing about the cameras, as your set up guide showed, add camera, press cancel and enter all the parameters manually. What I have just tried was add the Hikvision cameras to Vera as a generic camera device. This worked although the browser interface has issues. BUT when I add the camera to HomeWave, now that it is a camera Vera knows about, it is working again. All of the settings in HomeWave are identical whether filled in manually or filled in by Vera automatically. I will send you another log where there is page with one working (its on Vera) and 4 are not.
            Any other testing just ask.

    • Steve says:

      I have partly resolved the issue.
      Since reporting the loss of cameras there has been a new release of the Hikvision firmware. After applying the update there is a new advanced tab that enables CGI. V5.5 has the feature. For direct connection to cameras v5.5 has resolved the issue.
      I have not yet got the Hikvision NVR to work. I will update this when I have an answer.

      • admin says:

        No news on this issue as yet, I cannot reproduce the issue and the logs are inconclusive: there is an attempt to obtain the image from vera but that fails.
        Do the camera images appear in the Vera UI?

  11. Mark says:


    Since the latest update, the Today Widget (which is the only way I use HomeWave), has a graphical glitch on iOS 11 in that it only displays one and a half rows of icons. This makes it unusable for me!

    It doesn’t seem to be an iOS 11 issue, because it was working ok last week when I had iOS 11 running. I’ve tried removing the widget and re-enabling it, but that didn’t work.

    Thanks, Mark.

  12. Greg Brandon says:

    I updated my HomeWave app on Oct. 3 2017 to Version 2.5 and now the app will not open at all on my iPad.

  13. D. Wismeijer says:

    I seem to be unable to save to and load from Dropbox. This feature is crucial to keep my iphone and ipad config in sync. Any advice how to remedy?

  14. Richard Fullen says:

    As of yesterday (21 Sep 2017), Push Notifications have stopped working.

    I’m using iPhone, iOS 11, Homewave App. Vera is an Edge, most current Firmware.

    I have checked, my PushID is correct.

    It worked fine on iOS 11 for a day, so I don’t think it’s the phone. Any ideas?

  15. twiseva says:

    I have recently got back into Homewave after attempting the use of the Vera app. Love Homewave but am having significant issues using it with ‘lockups’.

    I have about 10 or so screens with a lot of background graphics. Saves can sometimes take a long time (like minutes) but other times are quick.

    In addition often in starting Homewave it doesn’t come up — I get the title screen and then it goes away. Often I have to kill it and try again.

    The graphics I am using are fairly high resolution so I am wondering if this is an issue — I’m removing them to see.

    Its odd as sometimes is fast and responsive and sometimes it locks up. I’d say it locks up more often than not. It seems to impact other apps also once its locked up.

    Any hints would be appreciated.

    I’ll let you know if removing all pics help at all.

    iPhone 6. Latest iOS. Latest Homewave.

    • admin says:

      Apologies for the late reply, been rather busy…

      The current version of the app has problems with high res graphics. What you could for now is reduce the resolution of your background images.

      I have already made improvements to the way images are handled. I will hopefully be able to post the new version soon, but if you’d like to beta test the changes in the mean time, drop me a line!

  16. Chip says:

    Thermostat issue resolved, I did not catch that a set control had to be assigned to cool setpoint OR heat setpoint. Thanks.

  17. Chip says:

    I have a Honeywell Zwave thermostat on a Vera Lite with UI5.
    The setpoint control will only show the setting for HEAT on Homewave, and will not change that setting, even though I see on the UI5 web interface that the thermostat is acknowledging a Zwave command of some kind. Using Homewave to change thermostat mod settings works fine, and the current temperature is also reflected properly. Removing and re-including the thermostat, and re-installing on Homewave is not correcting the problem. The thermostat is controlled without any issues on the UI5 web interface.

  18. Tom Dolan says:

    I have posted 2 five star reviews of this app in the App Store. The first appeared a couple of days ago but has now disappeared❗
    The second disputed a review from someone saying that the app wouldn’t work on cellular. I explained that their claim was not true and what they needed to do to fix it. That post of mine never even made it.

    What’s going on? You have a suberb app but it needs a lot more 5 ***** reviews. I’m trying to do my part but if the reviews are going to be taken down OR never even show up, that is a real problem.

    • admin says:

      Not sure what is going on… For what it’s worth, your second review is visible in the app store, so thanks for that!

  19. slajgaj says:

    Can you planning the Homewave app for Android?
    I’m using with my Ipad, but my friends have only Andoid

  20. Dick Wismeijer says:

    I have created a new device to control the SOMFY RTS blind control using RFXtrx433e module. In order to allow for UP-STOP-DOWN control on the IOS app, I have to pick the “Window Covering” control element in Homewave. Though the controls UP-STOP-DOWN are working fine, the status controls do not seem to work. Neither background nor ON(100%)/OFF(0%) color seem to work.

    The observed anomalies do not manifest with Imperihome. Hence I assume that my VERA configuration is not an issue.
    How to go about in resolving this issue.

  21. Dyer says:

    Hi. I’ve been running HomeWave for a couple years now. For the past 6 months, I’ve been using LUUP code to send me custom push notifications. All has been working flawlessly until about 1PM yesterday afternoon. I made no changes to my profile, vera, or iphone in recent memory.

    A few things:

    1) I’ve confirmed that my scene runs in Vera, no problem.
    2) The issue exists on multiple iphones running the same HomeWave profile, so its not the iphone.
    3) In Vera under Devices, I’ve tried to send a TEST notification under the CONTROL menu, but no test notification arrives either.




    • admin says:

      Issue with the Push server that was resolved the next day (apologies for late reply, email notifications on this site were broken as well)

  22. Bill says:

    I must’ve done a bad when setting up my iPad. It has adopted the slider screen with 5 boxes on it, all of which will load OK, but I cannot get any more than the five on that pull-down screen. No combiation of touches I have found will cause it to allow me to enter more than those five.

    I recall when I first entered setup there were about 25 boxes, but at some point I did something….

    How can I get it back to the setup short of removing and reinstalling the program? And – WHAT did I do (so I won’t do it again!).

    • admin says:

      In edit mode, Select all 5 boxes, then click the Grid button and set the nr of boxes to (for example) 5×2. You’ll end up with 10 boxes. Note that you can split / merge one or a few boxes as well, it doesn’t have to be all boxes

  23. Erik Hann says:

    Hi there. Ever since upgrading to version 2.4 June 1, 2016, I can no longer connect via mios on my iPhone when I’m outside of the wireless LAN . Anyone else experiencing this issue and if so how have they repaired it?

    • Erik Hann says:

      Sorry. The error was mine. I enambled the direct to Vera (no MIOS) selection in the Vera settings by mistake. Disabling it resolve the issue .

  24. wmwnd says:

    Using the e-thermostaat from ICY. Noticed some translation differences between Vera and Homewave. Vera: Bespaar Homewave: Uit and Vera: Vast , Homewave: Warm. Could this be in line as it creates confusion?

  25. i have a linear zwave garage door opener,

    the on/off switch control provided by homewave works but gets out of sync and does not show the correct state of the garage door. the linear zwave opener has a momentary switch with a sensor that provides the correct state open or closed.

    i like your app but please provide an updated garage door control that operates correctly please

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      How is the door opener handled in the Vera UI? Does the web interface always show the correct state or does it also get out of sync? What about other apps?

      HomeWave does not have any special handling for Linear garage door openers. Perhaps some will be needed.

      • Robin says:

        Same here, I need a pulse option for some devices. The binary switch can be a pain for garage doors.
        Nothing device-specific, just a pulse please, 1/2 or 1 second would do.

  26. Kristian H says:

    Hi. We use HomeWave to the smart huse solutions we deliver to out customers, and are very satisfied with the app. Out problem is that not all users have iPhone/Ipad. So my question is; Are there any plan for making the HomeWave available for android?


    • admin says:

      Apologies for the late reply! I’d like to replace this forum with something better suited for answering support questions, but haven’t gottent around to it yet.

      In answer tyo your question: an Android version is under way. I do not have much details at this time but I will start making announcements here and on the Vera forums when te time is there

  27. Kristian says:

    Hello. Are there any plans to make HomeWave available for android? I work for a company that delivers smart house solutions, and we are very satisfied with HomeWave. But our problem is that not all customers have Apple Products.

  28. Erik Hann says:

    Is there a section where we could add ideas for new versions ? I would like to have the ability either upload my own push notification sounds into the Homewave app or request additional sounds to be at it . For instance I would like a doorbell chime.

    • admin says:

      Posting new ideas here is fine!

      Unfortunately it is not possible to add new notification sounds; the way this works on iPhones is that the notification sound must be a static resource, i.e. included in the app distribution.

      • Erik Hann says:

        Is it possible to link HomeWave with some of the ring tones that are already on the iPhone? Would they not be considered a static resource?

  29. Don Hogle says:

    Hello, How do you configure the widget in notifications center?


    • admin says:

      Go into Settings->General, and select Configure Today Widget. Click on Edit, and start adding controls to the list (they work the same way as the regular control panels). Save and close. The controls should now appear on your Today screen (don’t forget to add the HomeWave widget to your Today screen)

      • Don Hogle says:

        This path is not valid…
        I have added the widget but Settings->General, does not have a today option….
        Also why I have your attention ha ha… Is there a way to add status button to Home wave, as in “HOME” “AWAY”


        • admin says:

          I did mean Settings->General in the app, not your iPhone’s settings! Scroll down on that screen, it is the bottommost option.

          To add a Home / Away button, Add a “Multi Button” control, and link it to your Vera.

  30. Don says:

    How I set what controls are in my “today” screen within notification center?


  31. Stephen says:

    I discovered the CCTV feature recently. I have 2 cameras, HikVision and Trendnet.

    Both cameras return a picture in the browser using the URL
    This URL works successfully in Firefox and Safari

    When I create a CCTV object in HomeWave the HikVision camera works and the Trendnet does not. Any suggestions on the issue or how I can debug what the issue is with the Trendnet, when the browser URL is working?

    • admin says:

      It’s possible that the Trendnet camera uses a protocol that is not supported by HomeWave
      What is the model of the Trendnet camera?

      • Stephen says:

        Trendnet Model :TV-IP311PI
        Mainstream H.264 Substream H.264 or MJPEG

        The HikVision that is streaming to HomeWave is set to H.264
        At present both are set idenitically in terms of resolution, framerate, bitrate, etc.

        I have tested the same URL for both camera in Firefox and it works but only the Hikvision camera works in HomeWave.

        /Streaming/Channels/1/picture is the URL I am using for both.

        • Stephen says:

          I have found the cause of the issue, its the authentication. The Hikvision cameras work with HomeWave with HTTP authentication enabled. The TrendNet do not.
          On the TrendNet I have disabled HTTP authentication as a test and now HomeWave can access and display the video feed successfully.

        • Stephen says:

          As a further work around, leave HTTP authentication enabled.

          Then in HomeWave CCTV configuration, include the username and password in the IP Address field in this format:
          rather than using the username and password fields that are available.

          I have tested this and my Trendnet image is now available in HomeWave.

          • Stephen says:

            The format above was changed on submission as I used brackets. It should have read:


  32. serhito says:

    Having issues with push notifications. I have the plugin setup in Vera and when I test it, I get the notifications on 2 different iPhones. But when I have a sensor triggered, nothing happens.
    I have the sensor setup to send a notification if triggered, but something is not working.

  33. Mike says:

    Love this app!
    Is there a way to have the name of a control update in HomeWave if it’s changed in Vera?

    • admin says:

      Control names are not linked to the names in Vera so that they can be renamed in HomeWave. There is no option to link the names.

  34. Don says:

    I have a multi sensor, and Homewave sees the motion but not the temp (vera does) any suggestions?

  35. Gijs says:

    Hi does homewave work with vera edge?

  36. Walter Gee says:

    luv the app use for over year now on my iPhone and iPad. you can just create beautiful custom UI for my home automation. its then best!

    My wish is can you release a Mac version ? would love to see it on MacBooks 🙂 will gladly pay for it.

  37. Dan says:

    We have 3 pin codes currently. The first two were added from the computer and we have not had any problems. The last pin code 2051 was added from the homewave app after latest update and the code did not work. We tried to delete the pin code from the computer and phone neither attempt removed that particular pin. I am still able to add and delete pin codes from my computer which tells me the system is working. I have a Kwikset lock. When we added the Pin code via the app the sequence jumped from 1, 2 and then 155. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Has anyone run into this issue and been able to resolve it? Thank

    • admin says:

      Hi Dan, I’m not sure why you are unable to delete the PIN but that odd sequence number might have something to do with it. Unfortunately I don’t have a Kwikset lock to duplicate the issue (they aren’t sold here). Since you cannot delete the PIN from the Vera UI either, I would suggest contacting Vera support to get rid of the PIN, or reset the lock.

      The app uses the next free sequence number as reported by Vera when adding PINs, and I noticed that this number sometimes is off. The next version of the app will determine the sequence number by itself instead of using the number from Vera.

  38. aldera says:

    I have a Sensi WiFi Thermostat that has its own iPhone app. Is there a way in HomeWave to make a button open up that app? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      If the app supports being opened via a URL, then HomeWave can open it as well. If you don;t know what URL your thermostat app responds to, try typing the following in address bar of Safari on your iPhone: nameofapp:// (where nameofapp is the name of the thermostat app without spaces)

      If that opens the thermostat app, then proceed as follows in HomeWave:
      1) Add an Action Button
      2) In the button’s properties, set the action to URL
      3) In the URL field, type the URL that opens your thermostat app
      Pressing that button will open your app (as of iOS 9.x, the phone will ask you to confirm that action)

  39. Jeff says:

    Hi, Love HomeWave, it prob my favorite apps on my iPhone (for my VeraLite). Trying to figure out if something is do-able. I know I can run a scene where, say, I can have a light come on immediately then go off after a pre-set time (5 min, 30, 2 hours, etc. using Manage Delays). BUT is there a way to ADD time to a running scene? So for example, if I have a light come on and the scene is set to have it go off after 1 hour, I could add 30, 60, 90 minutes more using a HomeWave control? (being able to see remaining timer time would be nice too). Possible? Thanks, Jeff

    • admin says:

      Hi, that’s more of a Vera question. You may want to check the Vera forums for some sort of timer plugin. If there is one and it can be triggered from a scene, it can be triggered from HomeWave. And if it reports the remaining time in its state data, then HomeWave will be able to display that time (use a separate Multi Value control)

  40. CJ says:

    Will you be adding any additional support for apple watch?

  41. John says:

    I have a real dumb beginner question, I’m just getting started with a Vera Edge and two on off switches. I’m looking to just turn on and off my outside lights in the evening and morning at set times. Will I be able to set that up through your app?

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