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  1. Hino says:

    Hebben jullie een oplossing voor het uitlezen van de P1-meter (gas/Electra).
    Het gaat om twee aspecten.
    1 een ‘mooie’ grafische weergave van de meterstanden en vooral het actuele verbruik cq. teruglevering.

    2. Management van verbruikscentra om inzicht te krijgen inneemt verbruik in relatie tot (terug)levering.

    • admin says:

      Support van slimme meters is op dit moment beperkt. Door gebruik te maken van de Dutch Smart Meter plugin en een Multi Value control in HomeWave kan je 3 waarden uit je meter laten zien. Er is nog geen mooi vormgegeven metertje of grafische weergave van historische data.

  2. Martijn says:

    Are you planning to integrate geoscenes?
    So if my phone is near .. For example my house
    I can trigger something?


  3. Jack says:

    I get a message that says “can’t configure device, link this control to a z-wave device first.” I’m not sure what that means..

  4. Jack says:

    Hi Ronald

    I have been trying, unsuccessfully, of adding a third vera using version 1.90.

    Although I have added all three veras to the vera tab… I can’t seem to access the objects on the third vera.

    Also have difficulty in finding any instructions regarding 1.90


    • admin says:

      Hi Jack, try and re-link that control to a device on your 3rd Vera: highlight the control and click the Link (chain) button. Refresh the list, then select the right device from the list. If that doesn;t help, please delete the 3rd Vera from Settings and add it again.

  5. Mike says:

    I have been using HomeWave to control my Vera for a while now, and it has been great. I’ve just added a Vera3 to a 2nd home and would like to use HomeWave to control this device as well. I found the settings to add IP address, etc. for second vera, but couldn’t find any instructions for how to add controls for devices from multiple Veras. Any pointers?

    • admin says:

      Simply add a new control and browse the list of devices; this should show the devices for both Veras. Use the Refresh button if necessary

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